Huge Connection's Water Quality Monitoring and Management Platform
Full-time automatic monitoring of water quality to ensure water quality standards and reduce manpower and maintenance costs
24H Auto monitoring, Insure meet regulations, Reduce manpower & maintenance cost
Provide dynamic real-time Kanban and custom graphic control interface, and provide real-time visual data monitoring
Provide a custom alarm mechanism for abnormal events, and can be notified through LINE/E-mail/App
Automatically record statistical charts and provide diagnostic analysis
Equipped with a public-private cloud platform to support cross-field and functional authority layered account management
Benefits of program construction
Dataization of water quality history
Query the sensor records at any time, and export the data with one click, which is convenient for unified management and reduces manual copying operations and manual errors
Real-time grasp of water quality
Use computers and mobile APPs to understand water quality anytime, anywhere, maintain water quality stability, and improve management efficiency
24-hour automated exception management
24-hour automatic monitoring, once there is an abnormality, immediately notify the abnormality through Line, E-mail, and App
Accelerate the introduction of international certification management
Complete data collection is the basis for ISO 14064 certification and writing advanced CSR
Intelligent Cloud Analysis
Through the cross-analysis of data from various sensors, the optimal dosage mode can be found to effectively reduce operating costs
Single platform with multiple applications
The integrated platform can import different application solutions in stages according to needs, lowering the entry threshold and improving the efficiency of daily maintenance and operation.