FMCS (Facility Monitoring Control System) 
In response to the advent of Industry 4.0, the construction of smart factories has become an inevitable trend. The need for related equipment to be connected to the Internet of Things and the advancement of artificial intelligence and automation technology are driving a new wave of manufacturing innovation. "Smart factories" will leverage industrial devices that communicate with users as well as with machines, automated processes and management mechanisms, facilitating instant connections between factories and markets to support dynamic adaptation and maximize efficiency. Smart factories can bring a range of benefits, such as improved process efficiency, product quality, sustainability and safety, and reduced costs. However, companies face significant challenges in implementing smart factories, given the large-scale system transformation required to do so.
In response to the trend of this era, Huge Connection Technology integrates the relevant information required by the smart factory through the FMCS central factory monitoring system to integrate the various equipment subsystems of the factory on a factory-wide network, combining all factory on-site facilities and production equipment , so that various data can be summarized to the central control room for judgment and recording for operation, analysis and reporting. In addition, through network integration, MIS departments, engineers or supervisors can directly browse relevant factory data through 4G/5G networks, and through big data analysis of historical or real-time recorded data, effective information can be generated for managers to analyze or make decisions.
  • Understand customer's needs
  • Demand Analysis and Judgment
  • Provide customer solutions
  • Program development and construction
  • Test Acceptance Training
  • Long-term maintenance

FMCS (Facility Monitoriing Control System) , software and hardware coverage are as follows:

  •    SCADA Server/client computer workstation software/hardware equipment
  •    SCADA graphic control screen production
  •    SCADA integrated network planning and implementation
  •    PLC integration planning and implementation
  •    Cloud big data integration planning and implementation
  •    APP cloud application design planning and implementation
  •    Database production
  •    report making
  •    System integration and standard format formulation
  •    System Operator Training
  •    Provision of spare parts
  •    UPS uninterruptible power system
  •    Central control room design planning and construction
  •    Warranty maintenance and maintenance of each system
The FMCS  can integrate the following related subsystems:
  • Chiller monitoring system
  • Air compressor monitoring system
  • Gas-electric co-generation monitoring system
  • Organic Wastewater Treatment Monitoring System
  • Inorganic Wastewater Treatment Monitoring System
  • Domestic sewage monitoring system
  • Pure water treatment monitoring system
  • Municipal Water Monitoring System
  • Drain recovery system
  • Well water system
  • Gas Monitoring System
  • Power Energy Monitoring System
  • Power Management System (Safe Unloading)
  • Clean room system
  • Process water supply and drainage system
  • Ultrapure water system
  • Special Gas/Bulk Gas System
  • Process cooling water (PCW) system
  • Harm removal equipment
  • Dust Monitoring System
  • Medicine supply system
  • fire alarm system
  • Stripper recovery system
  • Developer recovery system
  • Clean room access control alarm system
  • CCTV surveillance system
System diagram 
Process diagram