LASSIE Equipment Intelligent Monitoring System
LASSIE device smart monitoring is used for remote monitoring and management of IoT devices. Through production line visualization, rule engine and intelligent management, it can help users in various industries import automation solutions to reduce on-site management costs and improve operational efficiency. The platform provides a user-friendly common interface, including SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system and mobile APP.
The LASSIE device smart monitoring system is powered by GoodLinker® edge computing and AWS IoT Core services. It supports common industrial protocols for data acquisition and can be securely connected to public cloud (AWS).
Technical Overview:
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・Reliable automation solutions suitable for various industries
・Display visualized production line data and history
・Integrated multi-device management platform
・Easy-to-use custom rule editor for alert notification management
・Provide Web SCADA dashboard and mobile APP
・Automatically update to the latest software and hardware versions
・No fixed IP required
・Support EtherNet / Modbus RTU / OPC UA industrial protocols
・Supported by GoodLinker® edge computing and AWS IoT Core
Success Case:
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